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On Tuesday 12th July 2011 clinical sourcing managers, research coordinators and decision makers connected with CROs and trial service providers during a 4 hour virtual conference..

From their desktops, they were all able to attend live conferences, and network with industry suppliers, all on the Internet!

OncologyTrialsOutsourcing2011 delivered the first ever virtual event in the pharmaceutical industry, focusing on the latest innovations, trends and strategies in oncology clinical trials.

You made this event a success, but figures speak louder than words...

Virtual Conference - Oncology Trials Outsourcing 2012 57% of 559 registrants have attended the live events

Figures show a high level of interest for OncologyTrialsOutsourcing2011.


A worldwide event... with 71 countries represented!

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{ The conference webinar programme generated a total of 564 unique views. Webinars attracted an average of 340 unique viewers. }


Time spent

{ Attendees spent an average of 3h08 in the event. An average of 30 minutes was spent paticipating the chats at the event }



367 exchanged. There were 620 interactions (personal chats, emails and virtual-cards exchanged) The attendees took or viewed 822 documents or links }


We would like to thank all who took part in this first ever virtual event concerning Oncology Trials Outsourcing. Your online presence and contributions made it an undeniable success!

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